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Political Theatre

Anger Over Mass Immigration

Must Be Acknowledged, says Macron.

4:20 pm on December 10, 2018

Macron Announces Wage Hikes, Tax Cuts

Amid “Economic, Social State Of Emergency.”

4:19 pm on December 10, 2018

Devotional candles being sold

With image of Saint Mueller. (Thanks, Jay Stephenson)

1:54 pm on December 10, 2018

The End of the Weekly Standard

And the defeat of neoconservatism in the GOP? Justin Raimondo.

1:20 pm on December 10, 2018

Florida government schools cover up crimes

Rapes, guns, and more.

1:18 pm on December 10, 2018

Students Oppose Clarence Thomas Building…

But Know Nothing About Him.

1:18 pm on December 10, 2018

Clinton Foundation To Be Investigated

At Last.

12:09 pm on December 10, 2018

Creepy Kavanaugh

Writes Diogenes:

Golly, who could have predicted this (see twitter thread)?

12:04 pm on December 10, 2018

‘Your time is up’

South African theft of white farmers’ land to begin in March.

5:24 pm on December 9, 2018

California To Tax Texting from Your Phone

In frantic search for more of your money.

4:06 pm on December 9, 2018

Ireland Dáil Passes Bill Legalizing Abortion

Will Fund Free Abortions and Force Doctors To Participate. (Thanks, Diogenes)

3:39 pm on December 9, 2018

The Corporate Debt Market

Is It Teetering on the Edge? Joseph T. Salerno.

2:30 am on December 9, 2018

Rep. Matt Gaetz on Comey Deep State Crimes

Republican Leadership Did Not Want Us To Get to the Bottom of the Facts.”

3:30 pm on December 8, 2018


Clintons Hawk Tickets on Groupon After Speaking Tour Fails To Draw Crowds.

3:29 pm on December 8, 2018

Former Haitian President

Writes Luis P. Almeida:

Good morning, Lew.

Bernard Sansaricq begging DJT to bring Clintons to justice.

Tick tock. Thank

3:28 pm on December 8, 2018

Ann Coulter: H.W. Bush’s Finest 30 Seconds

The Willie Horton ad.

1:37 pm on December 7, 2018

‘Hired Gun’ No More

Pakistani PM Refuses To Fight US’s War.

1:17 pm on December 7, 2018

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer Replaces Merkel

Assuring Merkelism continues. Until the AfD displaces the CDU.

12:57 pm on December 7, 2018

School Spending Is Up

The District of Columbia spent $27,067 per pupil in fiscal 2016 and New York spent $24,717, for example, while Idaho spent $8,258 and Utah spent $8,408 in 2016. The nation on average spends $11,841 per student.

12:55 pm on December 7, 2018

Feds received whistleblower evidence in 2017

About Clinton Foundation wrongdoing.

12:29 pm on December 7, 2018

Supreme Court’s double-jeopardy case

Holds Mueller probe implications; Kavanaugh vote key.

12:28 pm on December 7, 2018

Federal Court Orders Hillary Discovery Plan in 10 Days

Whether Her Private Server Was an Intentional Attempt to Evade FOIA.

12:27 pm on December 7, 2018

Pearl Harbor: The Day the Tyrant FDR

Succeeded in getting the US into WWII. Tom Mullen.

12:15 pm on December 7, 2018

Tucker Carlson says Trump is ‘not capable’

And hasn’t kept his promises. (Thanks, Christine Ross)

12:12 pm on December 7, 2018

Principal bans candy canes

Says ‘J shape’ stands for Jesus.

12:11 pm on December 7, 2018

Only in Illinois could someone retire from a $56,000 job

With a $158,000 pension and have the high court deem it a constitutional right.

9:46 am on December 7, 2018

It’s Happening

Writes Luis P. Almeida:

Good morning, Lew.

I’m sure you saw this, but i just wanted to send it along to you out of sheer joy.

Kessel told MDA “There is no controlling Bill Clinton. He does whatever he wants and runs up incredible expenses with foundation funds, according to MDA’s account of the interview. “Bill Clinton mixes and matches his personal business with that of the foundation. Many people within the foundation have tried to caution him about this but he does not listen, and there really is no talking to him.” 

MDA compiled Kessel’s statements, as well as over6,000 pages of evidence from a whistleblower they had been working with separately, and which they filed secretly over a year ago with the FBI and IRS. MDA has alleged that the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities, and may owe millions in unpaid taxes and penalties.

It’s really happening, Lew. Huber is being summoned to testify and will be unable to share anything other than to confirm what we already know, that the investigation is ongoing. The alternative, real narrative is making it to the mockingbird media. Glorious.

9:45 am on December 7, 2018

Re: South African parliament brings country one step closer

Writes Greg Privette:

Hi Lew,

From the article linked on Political Theatre:

The main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) and some rights groups are critical of the plans, saying they would scare off international investors and potentially damage the national economy.

As in many of these cases even the opposition makes the wrong argument. While the two points they argue are likely correct the other side can always find some “economic expert” to give the opposite opinion of the investing and economic effects. These things seem to never be argued on the correct basis which is the morality of property rights. Any decline in investment and increase in economic damage will be due to the negative signals given when countries begin to openly flout basic property rights. In this case “ownership” is based on the old idea of who mixed their labor with the land? As we have seen throughout history, and repeating itself in many cases today, the destruction of property rights always ends in chaos and mass poverty. It is also important to remember that violation of property rights on a mass scale is always the work of the state.

9:43 am on December 7, 2018

Immigrant Arrested for Murder

Was Previously Deported at Least 8 Times.

3:39 pm on December 6, 2018

Elizabeth Warren May Have Destroyed Herself

With That DNA Test.

3:04 pm on December 6, 2018